Why join the navy, when you can be a pirate?

As part of their 80-year celebration, marketing company SEK & Grey wanted to step out of their office and closer to citizens. Our task was to create an open and mixed-use entrance space with bar, meeting and working facilities with access to the SEK office spaces on the 3rd floor. The bar interior was designed by Eliisa Korpijärvi.

By puncturing through the second floor we highlighted the three-dimensionality of the late 19th century ground-floor retail space. The vertical opening connected functions on all three floors, also making them visible to the street. Traces of 19th and 20th century building techniques were also discovered and left exposed in the space.

Type: Commission

Client: SEK & Grey

Location: Helsinki

Size: 260 m2

Team: Iikka Airas, Auvo Lindroos, Aleksi Niemeläinen, Teemu Seppänen, Risto Wikberg, Fanni Suvila

Collaborators: A-Insinöörit (structural engineering), Optiplan (electrical and mechanical engineering), Eliisa Korpijärvi (interior design)

Year: 2015

Photography: Marc Goodwin







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