Virtual architecture

Futudesign has expanded its expertise to design high-quality architectural environments for computer games and other virtual environments.

The new field is an evident continuity for our design practise. Everything we design is 3d modelled and studied carefully in renderings, animations and vr during the design process. Why not also design spaces that are not meant to be built? In fact, virtuality opens inspiring creative possibilities and offers a testing ground for new architectural ideas.

To create the virtual experiences, we are using traditional parametric 3d modelling software with the game engine Unreal Engine. As a case study we built a virtual version of Pub Ludvig, one of our recently realised projects, in UE4.

Realtime 3d graphics are becoming photorealistic and the complexity of geometry is no longer an issue for the next generation of game engines and consoles. We believe that this creates more demand for high-quality design for the virtual environments.

If you are interested in our virtual design services, get in touch:

Research and development
Mixed Use
Helsinki, Finland
Teemu Seppänen, Venla Rautajoki, Risto Wikberg, Auvo Lindroos, Iikka Airas, Aleksi Niemeläinen

Our real life design project Pub Ludvig was turned in to a first person shooter level in Unreal Engine 4, with some “May day” celebration action added.

An alternative version of the furniture designed for restaurant Ventuno as an UE4 asset.

This project is supported by Business Finland.