The Finnish Museum of Photography K1

The Finnish Museum of Photography opened a new exhibition space, K1, in Kämp Galleria in Helsinki city center. Futudesign has been responsible for the project, which combines architecture, interior design and furniture design.

The concept of K1 is built around the idea of a film. The exhibition space curls around the lobby area to create a continuum that guides visitors through the museum to the museum shop and into the bar & restaurant. The rounded walls resemble a roll of a filmstrip, showing a continuous scene where different actions occur. One of these rounded walls is large enough to allow projections that expand eight meters from floor to ceiling.

The museum has an event space and three different exhibition spaces, which have walls with 360-degree rotation, enabling a variety of exhibition layouts and significantly reducing operational costs and the heavy work involved in building new exhibitions.

Materials were chosen carefully to create a sophisticated atmosphere. Dimmed lighting, limestone floors and hot-rolled lacquered black steel were specifically chosen to enhance the film concept.

Kämp Galleria is one of the main shopping centres in Helsinki, renowned for its focus on fashion, design, culture and food. Futudesign has played an integral part in the development of Kämp Galleria into a new retail experience with emphasis on well-curated content, responsibility and community.

Ilmarinen, Mutual Pension Insurance Company, The Finnish Museum of Photography
Art museum, Restaurant, Retail
Helsinki, Finland
2000 m2
Auvo Lindroos, Aleksi Niemeläinen, Teemu Seppänen, Sara Syvähuoko, Anni Ojanen, Jere Toivonen, Teppo Reivo, Veikka Entelä, Ines Wartiainen
Ramboll (project management), Sipti Consulting (structural Engineering), Ramboll (mechanical engineering), Insinööritoimisto Veikko Vahvaselkä (electrical engineering), Akukon (av- planning), L2 Paloturvallisuus (fire safety), Sitowise (security planning)

Main contractor: Rakennusliike A. J. Ahola

Photography: Tuomas Uusheimo