Sofia Future Farm

With over 3000 m2 of co-working space and supporting functions, Sofia Future Farm extends throughout two historical buildings at the heart of Helsinki’s Empire-era neighborhood. Whether you are renting workspace daily or long-term, Sofia Future Farm offers a wine bar, restaurant, tea salon and wellbeing center in addition to exceptional co-working facilities. The ground-level restaurant and tea salon are open to the public, adding to the selection of services in the area. Workspaces range from active to quiet depending on where in the building you are. The quietest workspaces are grouped with the nap area and yoga studio on the topmost level.

Due to the building’s heritage status, Futudesign focused on creating memorable and functional working environments through light interventions, leaving the beautiful historical interiors untouched. The focus has been on high-quality and elegant furniture that works in harmony with the existing. Approachability is added to the vast spaces by placing soft interlocking carpets under the working areas, creating islands of coziness. Because the furniture is not fixed, the spaces respond flexibly to users’ needs, turning from co-working spaces to the auditorium to the restaurant.

Töölö Urban Oy
Office, Restaurant
Helsinki, Finland
3000 m2
Aleksi Niemeläinen, Fanni Suvila, Teppo Reivo