Sandro Ratina

Welcoming restaurant-goers with a mixture of Moroccan and classic design features, Sandro in Ratina is the first in this line of restaurants to expand outside of the capital region.

Occupying a double height, ground floor space at the entrance of Tampere’s new mall, the restaurant’s expansive interior surfaces have been visually divided using fields of color and contrasting materials. Pastel pink tiles, wood panelling and mirrors cover walls, while the light blue ceiling seems to recede higher. Columns partially clad in red brick tiles and untreated concrete surfaces reference the city’s industrial past and the mall’s brick architecture. Generous windows connect the restaurant space to the scenery outside, where monolithic powerplants sit at the edge of the river’s churning water. Inside, guests sit on blue velvet sofas and vinyl-clad bar chairs under lighting inspired by classic, softer forms. Details such as a custom furniture that functions both as a plant stand and a water point add to the diverse stylistic mix.

Royal Ravintolat
Tampere, Finland
250 m2
Risto Wikberg, Teppo Reivo, Fanni Suvila
Martin Sommerschield, Kuvio Oy