Nekalan Liiketalo

Nekalan Liiketalo is situated in the Nekala district of Tampere. Originally constructed in the 1980s to encompass a mix of commercial, office, and factory spaces, the building has since transformed into primarily an office complex with a handful of ground-level commercial units and a popular lunch restaurant.

Recognizing the increasing demand for office spaces in the Tampere region, the new property owner, AulisCap, has embarked on an extensive renovation project to rejuvenate the building. As part of the redesign, the outdated escalator stairs in the atrium space have been removed, creating a more contemporary and open environment. Furthermore, the lunch restaurant has been relocated to the ground floor, enhancing accessibility and convenience for building occupants. Simultaneously, the office spaces are undergoing renovations to meet the evolving needs of prospective tenants.

This ambitious construction project is currently in progress, breathing new life into Nekalan Liiketalo and aligning it with the growing popularity of the Nekala area as a prime office location within the Tampere region.

AulisCap Oy
Office, Restaurant
Tampere, Finland
8454 m²
Aleksi Niemeläinen, Teemu Seppänen, Sara Syvähuoko, Marcus Kujala

Atrium space before

Atrium space after