Levain Merikortteli

Levain Merikortteli brings an old factory milieu and artisan bread making together alongside with powderish color palette and carefully crafted wooden aesthetics. An old factory building opens up the whole Levain baking and patisserie manufacturing for the visiting customers. High and light, two-story space serves customers as a restaurant, cafe and cocktail bar, maximizing its use throughout the day. The space is divided between the patisserie facilities and the restaurant.

Big openings from different sides of the space give a unique possibility to observe how traditional sourdough bread is having its shape while sipping morning coffee on the balcony. Color scheme and materiality drive from the red brick atmosphere and raw steel surfaces of the surroundings. Pale green and pink hues are a remembrance of delightfully pink bébés and pistachio cakes. If you look closely, it is even possible to find a sugary details holding a side cabinet.

BW-Restaurants Oy
Helsinki, Finland
600 m2
Risto Wikberg, Sanna Pietilä
Photography: Barabild