Krogerus headquarter is located in the historical city center of Helsinki next to Kasarmitori. With its approximately 200 professionals and trainees, Krogerus is one of the largest law firms in Finland.

The main idea of the interior design is to create a concept consisting of three layers as in a painting; Canvas, Subject and Interpretation.
The Canvas layer respects the history of the building completed in the 1960s, by choosing materials and layout that portray Finnish architectural Modernism. Secondly, the elements on a human scale level merge on top of the canvas as the Subject. The purpose of this layer is to serve the functionality of the space, teamwork and atmosphere. As the cherry on top, the Interpretation is the layer portraying the identity and brand of Krogerus.

These three layers are present in the forms of ordinary materials rendered in a bold, contemporary and enchanting way and breaking the stereotypes of a usual law office.

“Our ambition was to create a cozy environment that makes it both easy to be oneself and welcoming for the clients. The harmonious atmosphere was built with a careful choice of materials, colors, and lighting, reflecting the architecture of the building and Krogerus as a brand”, says Futudesign’s partner and architect Aleksi Niemeläinen.

Krogerus Attorneys Ltd
Helsinki, Finland
7000 m2
Aleksi Niemeläinen, Ines Wartiainen, Sara Syvähuoko, Venla Rautajoki, Teppo Reivo, Teemu Seppänen
Photography: Tuomas Uusheimo