Kämp Garden

Garden – the Center for Finnish Fashion – is strongly focused on showcasing central names on the Finnish fashion circuit along with rising stars. Imagined as an intimate garden, guests are welcomed to experience a nice curated collection of Finnish fashion brands such as Samuji, Arela, Nomen Nescio, Halo, Terhi Pölkki, R-Collection and éN Hats.

Central to the design was the idea of dissolving the Gardens’ individual spatial and functional needs and organizing them within a visible grid. The grid allows flexible program split and expansion of shops. The grid is an infrastructural backbone where one square forms one rental unit.

A total of 11 shops and 3 restaurants, each tailored to their specific needs, are densely clustered around an open plaza with a skylight. The enormous amount of skylight allows guests to follow the changes in weather, daylight and seasons – making the natural conditions an integral part of the fashion experience.

In the Garden, visitors have an opportunity to walk through and experience a variety of natural materials which draw parallels to gardens or public plazas. In addition to the spatial design, we have also designed a series of concept fixtures for the shops.

Helsinki, Finland
2500 m2
Futudesign and Lindroos Architects: Auvo Lindroos, Osma Lindroos, Teemu Seppänen, Aleksi Niemeläinen, Iikka Airas, Seppo Tusa, Benjamin Poignon, Teppo Reivo, Ines Wartiainen, Fanni Suvila, Patrick Perämäki, Sami Markkula, Tiina Teräs
Loikka Works Oy (project leading), Juni Communications, Tsto Oy (Graphic identity), Sipti Consulting (structural engineering), Solvit Oy (mechanical engineering), Insinööritoimisto Veikko Vahvaselkä Oy (electrical engineering), L2 Paloturvallisuus, Yhtyneet Insinöörit, Paloff, Genpro, Photography: Tuomas Uusheimo, Marc Goodwin