Helsinki Distilling Company Bar

Our client came to us because they wanted to have the perfect bar counter for drinking whiskey, which is their main product.

What makes a bar counter perfect for drinking whiskey? We ask: how would Jack Nicholson drink his Bourbon? In Kubrick's classic The Shining, Jack Nicholson accepts a glass of whiskey from a ghost.“I’ll just set my Bourbon and Advocaat down… right there” he says as he places his drink down on a lightened surface.

At The Helsinki Distilling Company Bar, all drinks are served on the light stripe unveiling the rich colors of whiskies of different ages. The solid oak top feels warm and inviting. The light stripe of the bar illuminates the customers and the bartender and it works very well for taking beautiful Instagram pictures of appealing cocktails.

Helsinki Distilling Company
Helsinki, Finland
10 m2
Auvo Lindroos, Fanni Suvila, Iikka Airas, Risto Wikberg, Teemu Seppänen
Photography: Martin Sommerschield / Kuvio