Hanno Railway Station Renewal

The essence of Hanno is its verdant nature and abundant forests ­­– an asset that is greatly valued in Japan and Nordic countries alike. As the first entrance point to the area, Hanno station holds a strategic position in communicating important features of the area. We began by asking: how can the experience of nature be brought to Hanno station?

We proposed a series of architectural installations, abstracted from nature found specifically in Hanno, and distributed these along the visitor path through the station. As the station is divided into two functional parts – the concourse area above and platforms below – the design proposal splits the station accordingly into two main conceptual entities: water and forest. An abstraction of the river Iruma offers waiting passengers an exciting waterscape at the platforms, while the upper concourse areas draw visitors into the station with a forest theme.

Particular attention is paid to the transitional space between concourse and platform. The escalators take passengers through a magical tunnel carved out of stacked Japanese cedar logs, revealing an intriguing geometric pattern on the inside. The tunnel widens towards the bottom of the escalators, opening up to the commuter platforms of the station. Cosy nooks are distributed throughout the station offering different public functions typically found in Japan, such as onsen foot baths and drinking fountains. Rich with craftmanship, heritage and natural sensibility, the installations actively engage all five senses as the visitor moves through the station.


Seibu Railway Company Ltd.
Hanno, Japan
6000 m2
Teemu Seppänen, Auvo Lindroos, Aleksi Niemeläinen, Iikka Airas
+ Lindroos Architects: Osma Lindroos, Benjamin Poignon
Lindroos Architects Oy, Atelier Aron Lorincz