Golf Talma

Surrounded by expanses of lush grass at Talma, the remade interior of this club restaurant takes inspiration from the location as well as the unique 1990’s architecture of Kai Wartiainen.

The relationship to the greenery outside is articulated through bright, contrasting colors on the inside. Chairs upholstered in vibrant green vinyl, curved forms and corrugated steel sheets painted a deep red draw inspiration from the existing architecture while bringing new, fresh elements to the space. Attention was paid to sensitively renew the surface materials, to not diminish the character of the architecture. Original stucco walls were left untouched and the existing ceiling material is reflected in the material of the bar. Partition walls were removed in the ellipse-shaped restaurant, opening up the space to an uninterrupted flood of natural light and bringing out its unconventional form.

Golf Talma Oy
Sipoo, Finland
300 m2
Aleksi Niemeläinen, Fanni Suvila, Risto Wikberg