Goldfish cocktail bar is located next to the Osteria Ventuno on Korkeavuorenkatu in the beautiful Ullanlinna district. The historical Neo-Renaissance Ohrana building, built in 1889, boasts rich cultural history. It has lived through many stages of Finnish history, even housing the Russian secret police in the early 1900s. Goldfish gets some of its spatial DNA from the library bars of London’s luxury hotels.

The intimate and classy cocktail bar is divided into three different spaces with individual characters each tailored to fulfill their specific needs. The space next to the entrance is livelier, equipped with a bar and low tables seating larger groups. Further back, the second space has a hushed, library-like quality. Wall-to-wall carpeting and velvet upholstery absorb sound while lower light levels calm the senses. Hidden still is a third, intimate space in an old service staircase that is taken up entirely by a curved sofa. Pendant lamps and other brass accents add a luxurious feel to the space as dark green walls envelop the visitor.

Goldfish won the best new cocktail bar award in the Nordic Bartenders’ choice award 2018.

BW-Restaurants Oy
Helsinki, Finland
105 m2
Risto Wikberg, Auvo Lindroos, Aleksi Niemeläinen, Teppo Reivo, Ines Wartiainen, Sara Syvähuoko, Fanni Suvila