Helsinki Garden

Futudesign collaborated with B&M architects Ltd, the principal designer of the proposal, in an invitational competition for a new mixed-use arena complex. Helsinki Garden also serves as a new home for the HIFK ice hockey team.

Futudesign created intuitive parametric design tools in Rhino Grasshopper to study the form of the arena complex and to create the geometry for 2d drawings, renderings and 3d printing. The seemingly simple form is a complex yet optimized construction of lines and arcs, controlled with few curves.

The mixed-use arena complex is fitted in the northern part of the Helsinki Olympic Stadium area. Garden Helsinki will be a new kind of recreational city hub, where events meet city functions in a new way. Different functions are fitted behind a uniform facade. The initiator of the project is Helsinki IFK ice hockey team.


Garden Helsinki
Mixed Use
Helsinki, Finland
200 000 m2
Teemu Seppänen