Fiskars Group Extraordinary Space

Designed for the Fiskars Group office in Arabia Helsinki, Extraordinary Space is a pilot space where different functions can meet in one social, yet informal working area. Located on the top floor of the old Arabia factory, this crossing point for the whole office can be turned from a cozy hangout to a corporate events venue quickly and easily.

The Arabia factory building provides a solid, industrial backdrop for the design. Honoring the heritage of the building, original concrete structures and surfaces were exposed and combined with warm, inviting furnishings. Distinct areas are created in the open-plan space through purpose-built fixed furniture. A stainless-steel kitchen and a large common dining table form the heart of the space. A wall-sized, textured glass bookshelf separates a small meeting room from the rest of the space without blocking natural light. Abundant, large indoor plants clearly mark the area for relaxation, characterized by comfortable seating and a fresh, green feel with plenty of natural light. Here, it is possible to plant your herbs or vegetables, test new gardening tools, or just enjoy a quiet moment during the day.

Relatable, human elements combined with the clean lines of the Arabia factory work to strengthen the Fiskars Group brand and provide a high-quality environment for employees.

Fiskars Group
Helsinki, Finland
270 m2
Auvo Lindroos, Anni Ojanen, Iikka Airas, Fanni Suvila, Tiina Teräs
Iiro Muttilainen Photography