Aina Valmis

Aina Valmis, Always Ready, is an office-space lease concept developed by real estate owner and developer Antilooppi. The concept offers work environments that are designed, renovated and ready to move into.

Futudesign designed an Aina Valmis-work environment located in Merikortteli, Helsinki. For this beautiful historical building we created a design-concept “Studio Merikortteli”.
This concept provides a sort of flexible blank canvas for future tenants, framed with a few fixed functions such as a centrally located kitchen and a large kitchen island providing room social gatherings. Meeting rooms were kept in the existing locations, thus avoiding need for unnecessary renovations. The space provides timeless classic aesthetics and neutral, warm color palette that won’t go out of style anytime soon.

Sustainability comes from using long lasting high-quality materials with low carbon footprint and for example utilizing existing light fixtures refurbished and newly arranged. Most of the carefully selected furnitures are sourced from responsible local manufacturers, such as Vaarnii, Artek, Lepo, Inno, Woodmind and Tecdoma.

Helsinki, Finland
346 m²
Risto Wikberg, Sara Syvähuoko
Photography: Mikael Pettersson Photography