Övernäs Skola

How do we transform a 1950’s school and a 1960’s sports hall to a new social meeting point?

The old school building by Erik Bryggman with yellow brick facades is a fine architectural example of it’s time. It has, however, become too small and old fashioned for today’s demands. The high school is lacking a flexible multifunctional space for contemporary teaching methods, social gatherings and leisure.

The new construction will be an inspiring addition to the high school and it creates a new welcoming entrance plaza to the school and its activities.

The characteristic roof of the extension is adjusted to the scale of the small detached houses in the neighborhood.

Type: Invited competition, honorary mention

Client: Ålands Landskapregering

Location: Mariehamn, Åland

Size: 3100 m2 extension + 4000 m2 renovation

Team: Auvo Lindroos, Markus Lindroos

Year: 2007






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