Övernäs Skola

How do we transform a 1950's school and a 1960's sports hall to a new social meeting point? The old school building by Erik Bryggman with yellow brick facades is a fine architectural example of it's time. It has, however, become too small and old fashioned for todays demands. The high school is lacking a flexible multifunctional space for comtemporary teaching methods, social gatherings and leisure. The new construction will be an inspiring, contemporary addition to the high school and it creates a new welcoming entrance plaza to the school and its activities. The characteristic roof of the extension is adjusted to the scale of the small detached houses in the neighborhood.

Invited competition - Honorary mention

Type: Public building

Size: 3100 m2 extension + 4000 m2 renovation

Status: Concluded

Year: 2007

Client: Ålands landskapsregering

Location: Marienhamn, Åland, Finland

Team: Auvo Lindroos, Markus Lindroos

overnas_plaani perkis_2overnas_sisaperskis overnas_skolgatanovernas_akso