No Pizza

Futudesign collaborated with brand agency N2 in the design for No Pizza – a new concept for a high quality, no-frills pizza restaurant. No Pizza’s first restaurant embodies these values through clean contrasts of black, yellow and white accentuated by playful forms. The spatial design is based around a ‘black box’ concept which can be flexibly applied to future locations: the kitchen and serving counter are encased in a solid black framework around which the restaurant expands.

Compared to conventional pizza restaurants, No Pizza offers a broader scope of services. Complimenting their carefully researched and developed sourdough pizzas, rosé wine on tap and bottles of No Pizza’s own beer have been specifically sourced for the restaurant.

No Pizza can be found in the fully renovated, functionalist ‘Makkaratalo’ -building opposite the central railway station. A progressive hybrid of its time, the ground floor commercial spaces were separated from the top floor offices by an elevated parking garage. The second-floor parking level has since been integrated as part of the shopping center, but traces of its previous life can be seen in the heavy concrete pillars and tapered beams traversing the ceiling of No Pizza.

Client: Kotipizza Group

Location: Helsinki

Size: 170 m2

Team: Aleksi Niemeläinen, Teppo Reivo, Fanni Suvila

Collaborators: N2 Helsinki

Year: 2018

Photography: Martin Sommerschild (Kuvio Oy)





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