An experimental design application for generating new geometry from a database of 3d objects using an adaptation of the eigenface algorithm. A database of 25 iconic chairs was used to create new, surprising "chair designs". The application was written with processing/java/eclipse.

ETH MAS CAAD thesis project, Teemu Seppänen

Type: Academic

Status: Concluded

Year: 2012

all_chairs_array2 all_chairs_cluster Mygenchair-6 Mygenchair-7 Mygenchair-10 Mygenchair-11 scanned-sitting-screenshots-rainbow-color screenshot-evaluation subdiv-process-b2 mv_subdiv_6a mv_subdiv_6b mv_subdiv_14 mv_subdiv_16 mv_subdiv_20 mv_subdiv_22 mv_subdiv_n2 mv_subdiv_n3 mv_subdiv_n5 Mygenchair-25 virtual-proto-a-propa virtual-proto-b-propa virtual-proto-c