Miltton House

A former factory building on Haapaniemenkatu in Kallio is refurbished into office spaces for consultant agency Miltton.

The whole building has undergone complete renovation which was a great opportunity to refurbish the building and restore its historical layers. The tasks included principal design of the complete building, the interior architecture as well as the interior design for Miltton. The spaces were designed to represent Miltton and their way of thinking and to be inspiring and inviting for employees and visitors alike.

Client: Työeläkeyhtiö Elo, Miltton Group

Location: Haapaniemenkatu 5, Helsinki

Size: 7350 m2

Team: Aleksi Niemeläinen, Anni Ojanen, Erno Honkonen, Risto Wikberg, Fanni Suvila, Teppo Reivo, Veikka Entelä, Tiina Teräs

Year: 2018-2019

Photography: Barabild












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