Lappset Pumptrack

Pumptrack is a modular cycling track that challenges both young and older cyclists alike! 

The track’s undulating surface can be navigated by bicycle, skateboard, scooter, rollerskates or even wheelchair.  The track is a circuit of banked turns called berms and bumps called rollers that can be ridden completely by riders ”pumping” – creating momentum by up and down body movements. Lappset pumptrack is designed for smaller users as well, it is possible to ride the track at lower speeds. The circuit is built from 4 different modules with a sturdy wooden supporting structure, distinctive for Lappset products. Three different track layouts were designed ranging in size S, M, L;  but also custom layouts can be designed easily with different module combinations.

Client: Lappset Group Oy

Team: Iikka Airas, Aleksi Niemeläinen, Teemu Seppänen

Year: 2016

Photography: Futudesign, Lappset












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