Hupisaari Theatre

How to combine the functionality and the flexibility of a modern theatre building and nice outdoor atmosphere with fresh air and garden view? The introduction of the conventional fly tower above the stage to an outdoor theatre will give a possibility to perform a wide variety of performances within the season. A theatre’s flying system is a vital way of effecting quick scene changes, as the fly tower can store large pieces of set and then lower them down on to the stage very quickly.

The new Oulu outdoor theatre is equipped with traditional indoor theatre mechanics. This allows directors to rapidly change the stage and auditorium into a wide array of configurations: proscenium, arena, atrium, studio, catwalk, multi-stage and flat floor.
The fly tower is clad with glass which provides unique visibility of the activities in the theatre.

The new theatre is located in one of the Hupisaari’s, in the beautiful array of islands close to the Oulu city center. It creates a new activity spot in the garden, where citizens can enjoy sunshine, theatre and a combination of activities.

Type: Competition, Honorary Mention

Location: Oulu, Finland

Size: 600 m² (seats: 350 outdoor auditorium)

Team: Auvo Lindroos and Teemu Seppänen with Mikko Karppanen

Year: 2014







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