HDW pavilion

The Helsinki Design Week pavilion was a project of the Wood-Glass-Studio at the Helsinki University of Technology. The theme of the studio was to find new ways of using wood and glass together in architecture.

Pavilion introduces an asymmetrical shell structure system that combines the structural qualities of the materials and takes advantage of the CNC-fabrication processes. All of the 135 glass triangles and plywood frames are unique.

The wooden parts are glued together with epoxy and the connection with the fragile glass is achieved with soft acrylic foam tape. The three-way-curved framing beams are laminated carefully out of CNC routed plywood slices to meet the zero tolerance of the glass shell. The structure is pretensioned with glass and carbon fiber strings inside the epoxy casting between the glass triangles. The pavilion was constructed at HUT facilities in Otaniemi by the students and transferred to the site in one piece.

The project was done in tight collaboration with the building industry. Glass parts were produced by Tamglass and wooden parts by UPM. In addition several other companies have supported the project.

Type: Competition

Client: Helsinki Design Week

Location: Helsinki, Finland

Team: Concept and design: Antti Lehto, Teemu Seppänen

Collaborators: Uula Kohonen (detail and construction specialist), Markus Wikar (programming), Hannu Hirsi and Lauri Salokangas (structural engineering)

Wood-Glass-Studio team: Antti Autio, Anna Bevz, Sini Meskanen, Aleksi Niemeläinen, Anita Nummi, Eero Puurunen, Ilkka Salminen, Elina Voipio, Jussi Ziegler

Teachers: Antti-Matti Siikala, Pekka Heikkinen, Risto Huttunen, Pekka Pakkanen

Year: 2005

















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