Farang Stockholm

Farang is located in Norrmalm in the heart of Stockholm. Farang combines the intimacy of contemporary Asian restaurant with the urbanity of a Stockholm street level space. Ground floor of an old industrial building was turned into a 700 m² fine dining restaurant. The restaurant contains a dining hall with 160 seats, as well as a cocktail bar with 50 seats and cabinet. Industrial character and charm of the old space was kept while adding contemporary restaurant and cocktail bar facilities of very high quality. The design makes a clear distinction between old and new elements by leaving the old space as a fully visible frame for the new functions. The simple material palette such as wood, steel, concrete and fabrics allows the enjoyment and visuality of food to take center stage.

Type: Commission

Status: Completed

Year: 2013

Size: 700 m², dining hall with 160 seats, cocktail bar with 50 seats, lounge with 30 seats

Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Client: BW-Restaurants Ltd

Collaborators: Megaron Arkitekter (Local partner), IMEK VVS Ab (mechanical engineering), Rejlers Ingerjörer Ab (electrical engineering), Electrolux (Kitchen Consulting)

Team: Risto Wikberg, Auvo Lindroos, Aleksi Niemeläinen, Iikka Airas

TU-130212-farang-067DININGHALL TU-130212-farang-066 TU-130212-farang-058 TU-130212-farang-053 TU-130212-farang-006 TU-130212-farang-009 TU-130211-farang-043 TU-130211-farang-034 TU-130211-farang-029 TU-130211-farang-015 TU-130211-farang-012 TU-130211-farang-005TU-130212-farang-084 FARANG_PLANSECTION-1_200