This is an entry for the international architectural competition “Grønt energipunkt Danmarks plass” to design a landmark electrical vehicle charging station. In Norway, the use of electric vehicles has been steeply on the rise, resulting in a need for more charging stations. In our proposal, the station is built around an existing cherry blossom tree growing in the middle of the site. The showy wooden canopy would be constructed from CNC -milled solid timber elements. A glass canopy would be installed above the wooden structure, providing shelter from the weather while directing rainwater towards the cherry blossom.

A pleasant courtyard is formed at the center of the pavilion. This engaging, clean and odorless charging station also attracts those who do not own electric cars, working as a promoter for this form of transportation.

Type: Competition, Honorary Mention

Location: Bergen, Norway

Team: Teemu Seppänen, Auvo Lindroos

Year: 2014






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