Returning the space back to its roots as a bakery, Levain is a small space that represents a different functional concept in Helsinki. Predominantly a bakery, the space is also a restaurant, cafe and cocktail bar, maximising the use of the space throughout the day. Roughly half of the space 120 m2 is reserved for visitors the other half is staff, kitchen and bakery. Specifically at the request of our client, bold shades of green are used in the three rooms that make up the establishment’s publicly accessible space. The two-tone colour scheme continues throughout the three cosy rooms, unifying them. Textile art and a vintage lighting fixture add uniqueness. Solid oak furniture and counter tops feature soft, rounded corners- expressing the nature of bread making and the final product. Mosaic concrete, grainy terrazzo surfaces, materials typical to southern european countries. A parking space in front of the bakery has been taken over by a small terrace for expansion during the summer months.

Client: BW-Restaurants Oy

Location: Helsinki

Size: 120 m2

Team: Risto Wikberg, Fanni Suvila

Collaborators: visual identity: KOKO3 agency

Year: 2017

Photography: Martin Sommerschield, Kuvio Oy

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