Futudesign’s striking power lies in our combo of interior architect, designer and three architects. We can professionally design buildings, interiors, pop-ups – anything from a door handle to city plans. Futudesign was founded in 2012. Story behind us is way older: years before Facebook and Twitter, we and some guys from school created an underground online forum for Helsinki-based young designers and architects. The forum was anonymous and uncontrolled, filled with anarchy towards “the establishment” of the scene. That website was Futudesign. Since establishing our limited company we have designed award winning restaurants, new art hotel in Helsinki, taken part in Uusi Kaupunki (New City) -architecture collective and performed in several architecture TV series. We embrace new technology and use inherently 3D-printing, laser cutting, programming and other intriguing methods in our projects.


Futudesign Oy
Meritullintori 6 B 16
(courtyard building)
00170 Helsinki


Auvo Lindroos
+358 50 354 4405

Applications may be sent to: work@futudesign.com
(attachments in pdf-format, max 10Mb)

Iikka Airas

industrial designer

Iikka summarizes Futudesign ethos: he is an industrial designer enthusiastic to create bike frame joints and competent in contributing to urban planning. Iikka takes usability seriously and is ready to refine solutions until they meet his high standards. Drawings turn tangible in Iikka’s design process. Before one notices a product model turns from Rhinoceros to a 3D-printed prototype.
Auvo Lindroos

CEO, architect MSc, SAFA

Excellent at managing projects, Auvo masters as the CEO of Futudesign. Auvo has solid experience in construction drawing and realizing architecture and he follows projects persistently through. As a broad-minded guy, he embraces new ways of developing cities and pushing architecture forward. Auvo has weathered in Kristiansand nearly for two years when working on the construction site of the Kilden Performing Arts Centre.
Aleksi Niemeläinen

architect MSc, SAFA

Camera loves Aleksi, and thus he has been boosting architecture on Finnish TV. Apart from stages he is at home on building sites. Aleksi is great at carrying out projects and making things happen. Aleksi has a comprehensive architecture know-how and experience in property development through his other company Poseidon Helsinki. He has also acquired construction industry developer training. Aleksi teaches sustainable city planning at the Aalto University.
Teemu Seppänen

architect MSc, SAFA

Teemu is Futudesign’s advanced geometry unit. He loves algorithmic and parametric architecture and has a great command in 3D modelling. Teemu embraces new ways of production. Already in 2005 Teemu designed pavilions using robotics and CNC fabrication. Teemu teaches city planning at Aalto University.
Risto Wikberg

interior architect

Risto is a meticulous doer. When architects might think something is ready, Risto adds the cherry on top with fabrics, upholstering and such. Him taking pleasure in finishing details has been proven valuable in several projects. Risto masters materials and he constantly studies what is new. As part of interior designs he conjures exquisite custom furniture with character.
Fanni Suvila

interior architect

Fanni studies spatial and furniture design at Aalto University. Her playful designs are frequently featured in the media and exhibitions around the world.
Sara Syvähuoko

interior architect

Veikka Entelä

architect MSc, SAFA

Tiina Teräs

interior architect, architect MSc

Teppo Reivo

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